Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday April 30th (around 9 pm)

Hello NOBO - Today was a beautiful day in Vermont and our first day at the Marshfield School of Weaving.  We arrived from our little motel at the bottom of the hill around 8:45 and hit the ground running.  Kate worked with me to plan my project - a white organic cotton throw with indigo stripes.  I spent the day warping a 44 inch wide, 4 1/2 yard warp.  Lynette and Kate worked with Mary to plan her project, a beautiful alpaca throw - cream warp with a nutmeg weft.  Mary took to multi end warping like crazy, finished her warp and is now threading on a beautiful barn loom.  Margaret is working on an amazing warp (the picture I'm posting of her warp looks like it came from a carnival, the warp in real life is stunning.)  She had a little visit from Norman Kennedy while she was dressing her loom who was quite interested in her project (Scottish Tweed).  Betsy after much deliberation chose her colors and pattern for a rug and it will be stunning.
Being in front of the warping board all day just about killed me, so I am requesting an assist to dress my loom.  With any luck we will all be weaving tomorrow.   My fellow weavers took control this evening and brought me to The Positive Pie for dinner, then dropped me off at my motel room to work on the blog!  The three happy weavers then drove back to the Studio to get in a few more hours of work.

Day 2 coming up!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pre-class Inventory

Saturday April 28, 2012 - Still feeling the glow and smelling the incense from our 4th anniversary celebration at the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm on Thursday night.  I can't believe it's been 4 years - I look around and take notice of all the weaving equipment I have acquired and I'm thinking about all I have learned.
What better way to keep learning and weaving than by taking a class and that's what I'm doing, along with Margaret Russell, Betsy Martin, and Mary Shattuck.  We will be at the Marshfield School of Weaving in Marshfield VT - all of us arriving on Sunday evening.  I've never "done" a blog before so this is my first.  I know there must be a way to post pictures...