Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday evening May 4

3 are left in Marshfield, 1 is back in Newburyport.  I was lucky to finish my project "early" and drive back this afternoon.  My blanket is lovely.  Yes, I felt some separation anxiety leaving my 3 sistah weavahs nose down to the loom, working away.  Their projects are stunning.

Before I left, I picked out my next project for Marshfield.  I can't wait :)

Friday morning, the looms are humming everyone is closing in on the home stretch.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday afternoon and the looms are humming.  What a difference a day makes!  Betsy's rug is coming along, I am 2/3 through my cotton blanket, and everyone is smiling!
Long term student pictures follow Betsy's rug

Thursday Morning....Betsy is weaving!  These are the "after" warp pictures.  Her colors are stunning the photo doesn't do them justice.  I'm moving along, trying not to break threads, Margaret the same.  Mary's alpaca throw is soft.  I'm going for at least 48" completed today so I'm off the blog until tonight!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Evening -

This picture says it all - Betsy is very optimistic that the pile of green yarn will somehow transform itself into a beautiful rug warp.  Well not really, but the yarn used to replace the green monster is beautiful. If anyone can pull this off, Betsy can.  You go, Sistah.

Wicked Cool Wednesday...for most
Here we are, day 3, and things are humming right along for 3 out of 4 weavers.  Some projects are just more difficult than others.
I started weaving and am happy with my progress, note the indigo blue and white organic cotton picture below.  Margaret's weaving is beautiful, she decided on a green weft for the tweed and it is lovely.  Mary's alpaca throw is the softest blanket imaginable with a beautiful pattern.  Betsy's rug is winning the prize for difficult project of the week - Kate and Norman are working on that as we speak.  Stay tuned as there may be a few glasses of wine tonight for dinner.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Evening...

4 tired weavers left the Studio and went to dinner at the only restaurant close to Marshfield, The Positive Pie.  They know us by name.  A couple of glasses of Cab later, Betsy and Gail returned to answer email while Mary and Margaret went back to the Studio.  Thanks to Kate and Lynnette, Gail is ready to weave tomorrow, with Margaret, Betsy, and Mary following close behind.  We're almost at the halfway point of the week and already talking about returning next year!  Next time we're bringing pillows...

More tomorrow


Happy Tuesday!  We arrived at the Studio this morning and we have the entire place to ourselves! (With the exception of Lynnette who is our morning mentor).  Everyone is moving right along.  Margaret is threading (640 ends) trying to determine what color weft she will use (either a rich green or purple), Betsy is threading her rug (6 colors, 688 ends..but who's counting?) and Mary is threading away (720 ends).  I forget how many ends in my cotton blankie, 588?  The blue yarn is for my blanket, a beautiful indigo blue dyed here last week.  It's really quiet here today without the long term students who will be back later in the week.

It's rainy cell phones...just the noise of no noise